Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bumper to Bumper

You know, I think this was actually one of the first pieces that I started on when I began the "Things I Miss" series quite some time ago. For whatever reason, it never got finished and got shuffled around for maybe a year or two until a few weeks ago.

As I began building up one of the cars, it started to resemble a gelatine mold of Grimace, not of a grimace (lower case "g") although it could maybe be inferred as "a twisted expression on a person's face, typically expressing disgust, pain, or wry amusement," but in this case I am talking about that big purple guy from the old McDonald's commercials. It is weird that the word is associated with these feeling and the place. Apparently when he was first introduced, Grimace was supposed to be a villain, some four-armed shake stealing bad guy. They even called him "Evil." Can you believe that? Here's another surprise: I have not eaten anything served under those golden arches for over three maybe four years now, due in large part to a wheat and gluten allergy that I had developed/discovered and the subsequent knowledge of what is actually in your food while learning how to manage my diet. Not gonna lie, I kinda sorta miss it. But if I did in fact partake, in addition to a bunch of other not so fun things, I would most likely bare an expression of a grimace, (lower case "g") disgusted with my self for eating something that caused me pain with a hint of wry amusement because, let's face it, I'd be in the ball pit sippin' on a Shamrock Shake.

Oh yeah, I was talking about the painting. As I continued working, the painting developed into something that reminded me of one of those Mexican wrestler masks...

...and shortly after that, I thought it looked one of those Native American carvings of an orca whale wearing a Mexican wrestling mask. Until... was all done and got itself a buddy. This one is called "You are kidding me? On the Bumper Cars?" And that, my friends is a whole 'nother story.