Friday, April 30, 2010

something a little different....

A while back I scribbled this in one of my notebooks. It's been shuffled around with piles of paper during random cleanings and re-organizations, I've found it on the floor when it was blown off the table from the wind of a window left open. It somehow seems to resurface every now and again. I scanned it after a finding with the intention of "doing something with it later." It's been in my computer now for quite some time. The little bit up top says "chickens step in their own shit." It's a weird little somethin' or other, and I've been meaning to more frequently add the randomness. So, there you go.

Monday, April 19, 2010

"delicious, you'll have to give me the recipe"

Here is a pencil drawing of a scene from the animation TANKED part one: the diver
I have written the story part two: search and rescue? and have been working on generating some more images, I've even gotten as far as getting few scenes started in Flash.

Below is a before and after of the initial scan of the pen drawing and then the colored illustrator file of one of the characters(scuba guy) that will make an appearance in the second installment.

If you haven't seen the first, click on the link in the highlight text above. I am hoping for a much better final product with the second, using illustrator files instead of photoshop will make for better image quality, and I'm hoping to borrow a friend's recording device so as to avoid that swirly sound of my overworked computer that my internal microphone inevitably picks up