Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The day is finally here, and it has been a long time coming. Today we have the opportunity to change the direction this country is going, hopefully for the better. In these past few months the focus on politics has been strong to say the least. In New York City, Obama has been displayed on posters, tee shirts, and the like. One of the more unusual usage of the Senators image in the somewhat disturbing storefront window display that has been up since a bit before Halloween at all the Brooklyn Industries. At this particular chain of clothing store, mannequins have had a disproportionate Obama likeness mask that eerily and gleefully gazes at passersby. It is bit creepy, I have to say, but nonetheless there is an abundance of support around these parts, and it is wonderful.
It is frightening, though, to realize that in many other areas of the country Joe Little Kid may have a cabbage patch McCain tucked under his arm, they really do exist. And apparently the Pallin wig is a big seller to Orthodox Jewish women who are modeling the look in a not so Tina Fey parodying way. When I was back home in Ohio, I overhead a young girl who had picked up a book about McCain, and addressing her mother, she confidently said “look, this is who you can vote for,” as if it were the only option. Driving through Pennsylvania seeing roadside signs ten feet wide and bumper stickers supporting the McCain and Pallin pair sent a chill of the reality that this may not be a change for the better. I am terrified to think what will become of this country if Obama is not elected, I just hope for the best, and pray that everyone realizes that their vote counts. It should be an amazing turnout at the polls, and hopefully it will turn things around.